What is an laccdb and an LDB File ?

Whenever you open an Access database, a file with the same name as the database and an extension of laccdb or LDB will be opened automatically.  For example if you open Northwind.mdb in the samples directory of your Access/Office installation, a file called Northwind.ldb will be generated.  This new file keeps track of users and the objects that require some form of locking in the database.  When all users have exited gracefully from the database, the LDB file is closed down and deleted. Read more about the LDB File

Associating The LDB File With The Workbench

When you install the latest version of the workbench, the ldb file can be associated with the workbench. This means that you can double click the file in Explorer and you will find out who is using your database. Read on...

As The Workbench will show you who is using an Access database, it makes sense to view the LDB file with The Workbench.  In most cases, your computer will not associate any software with the LDB file.  Not withstanding this, the LDB type has an Access like bitmap image which infers association with MS Access, this is only for looks and this useful little indicator that someone is using the database is not not much help unless you associate it with the Workbench.

Figures 1 and 2 and 3 show how you can view the LDB file easily with The Workbench

Figure 1

Step 1 - Open any MDB file.  Now Right Click On Any LDB file and Choose Open With  (Windows XP example)

Figure 2

Step 2 -  Select a program from a list  (Windows XP example)

Figure 3

Step 3 - Choose Browse  and select Workbench.exe which will probably be in the C:\program files\vb123 directory. 

Step 4 -  Everytime you see an LDB file, you can open the file and The Workbench will show all users in the database at the moment.  If you like this way of looking at an LDB file, check the Always use the selected program box shown in Figure 3 and it will open The Workbench automatically when you click on an LDB file.

Notes:  Nothing The Workbench will do will effect the LDB file itself.  It uses Microsoft software to read the contents of the file and these do not allow modification of the file itself.

Read about LDB files at Microsoft

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