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The Workbench for Microsoft® Access®       Version 10.2.8 ( 14 July, 2011 )    
Download HereOnline help Here |  Order Software  | Upgrades | FAQ

The Workbench is a program that will help you manage your Microsoft® Access® databases.   The Workbench will prompt you to open the appropriate version of Microsoft Access 2007/2010/2003/2003. It will allow you to see the users/computers using your database, lock out new users so that you can do maintenance and has some very easy check boxes so that you can compact, compile, decompile and backup your database as databases or in zip format.  You can easily switch between and organize your Access databases by storing them as favorites, make desktop shortcuts and rapidly switch between workgroup accounts. You can view and change the Startup Properties of your database in a few seconds as well as make an mde database without opening the database.

If you have a lot of users or trouble getting everyone to log off, you can use the new Administration tools that allow you to send messages to your users and even shutdown the databases. To do this you will need to add about 80 lines of visual basic code to a form in your database. The Workbench makes it easy to set this up if you are a programmer but if you are not, you will be provided with a database with some forms that you can import into your database. These forms will also help you with logging of Windows User IDs and also show you how to display release version information on the main form in your database. These demonstration databases comes with full Access source code and objects. Access 2007 support here


Click here to download the Workbench installation software and help file  (2.3 mbytes).
You will find a read-me file in the download zip file. Learn how to install the software here 


The software is downloaded as a zip file that you will unpack on your computer.   You will need Microsoft Access 2010, 2007, 2003 or 2002 on your computer.  Save the zip file to a new folder.  Once downloaded, see the readme.txt file in the zip file for the installation instructions.  Once installed, click the "Start" button, select "Programs" and choose the  "vb123.com" group.

Learn how to install the software here 

Orders and Upgrades

When you purchase the software, you will receive a registration code via email.  This will activate the software that you have downloaded.  You will be required to register the software after opening the workbench 50 times.  Purchase the Workbench here.

Upgrades: If you have the free book version (1.3) of the workbench, you need to purchase a full copy of the workbench to run the latest version. If you have a previous version more than a year old, you will need to purchase an upgrade for $10. If you have purchased the software recently, we will notify you by email telling you how to download a free upgrade.

Main Feature List  >>>  The software will 

* show you the computer and Access user name of all connections to a database. More..
* allow you to compact/repair or backup a database as soon as everyone logs off.
* open the correct version of Access for you. More..
* backup the folder that the database is in to a zip file in a backup folder. Suits DropBox.com
* let you keep a list of favorites along with the Access version that you want to open it, the relevant workgroup file and the minimum size to schedule a compaction. More..
* let you send messages to users and shutdown the database. More..
* allow you to compile for increased performance and decompile a database to remove compilation junk. More..
* allow you to setup reminders relevant to your database.
* build Shortcut files on your desktop to launch Access and the Workbench

Click Here For The Full Online Help

Figure 1 - A network database has 6 current users.  The software has can stop any additional users from opening the database.  Once all current users have logged off, you can compact/repair or maintain your database.  Click picture to enlarge

Vista, Windows 7 and Access 2007

You will need to have administer privileges to switch between Access 2007 and other versions. This is a Microsoft issue, not a workbench issue.

Power Users, Developers and Administrators

The software supports workgroup and password protected databases.   For those multi version developers, the software will open the correct version of Access (no more unrecognised database format or convert database prompts). The workbench simplifies the management of multiple workgroup files and allows you to view users in secure databases. The software avoids the storing of workgroup passwords (in shortcut files) by saving passwords in encrypted format.


Upgrades / Quick Downloads / Access 2007 Support

If you wish to upgrade to the latest version of the software from an existing version, but do not want to download the full 2.3 mbyte package, then download the latest beta. You can try out the software without overwriting your current version. This is also a way to
Install the Workbench On Computers Where You Don't Have Windows Admin Permissions

Download the latest (no setup.exe) version This download is only a 600k but you sometimes need to have installed the production version (doesn't matter which one and it doesn't need to be registered). This version can be tested and will not overwrite the production version until you save it in the C:\program files\vb123\ folder.

Most Recent Improvements   

More Comprehensive Backups
Creates shortcut files
Supports Access 2010
Added support for Winzip into backups and delivering databases

Improved Most Recently Used Support
MDE compilation from the delivery console.
Support for database passwords in showing users of your database.
Backup and recovery of Workbench settings.
Online help links if you use the beta version only (without help)
You can view and change the Startup Properties of your databases very easily

Click here to read all the improvements back to version 1.0


Internal User Logging and Release Version Management (For Registered Users)

Included with the registered version of the Workbench is internal Access logging software.  This allows you to keep track of who is opening the database and what objects they are using.  You can then identify the actual NT/Win 2000/Win XP usernames and even log them off the system at a certain time.  This is a different approach to the Workbench that will also assist in management of your Access users. The download database also shows you how to display the release version of database from a table, a system supported by the workbench. Read more

Click here to download a trial version of the User logging Software in Access MDE format.  All Access versions supplied and sample reports in PDF also included.  We send these unprotected MDB databases out when we process the order (Australian business hours).

Feedback !!!  

We love coming up with ideas but we would rather have your suggestions. Click Here to email your suggestions to Garry and his team.

Licensing Information

This software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when using it. 
The full licence agreement can be read when installing the software or read here


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