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Next Tip  Getting Data From Access Into Excel

Here are a few steps that you can follow to transfer data easily from Access to Excel  (see Figure 1)

Open the table/query/form that you want to transfer
Apply any filters that you want
Click in the top left hand corner of the grid
Control C  (Copy)
Open Excel
Control V  (Paste)

Figure 1 - Selecting the full data set to copy

If you want to be more specific about what you transfer to Excel, you can click on the record selectors as show in figure 2 and hold the mouse down until you have all the consecutive rows that that you need.  Then Copy and Paste to Excel as before.

Figure 2 - Selecting rows to copy

And finally there is a really obscure trick where you can actually select the cells inside the grid by hovering your mouse on the corner of a grid cell until a cross comes up for the mouse pointer (Figure 3).  Then click the mouse and hold down and drag to select the cells that you want.  Copy and Paste as before

Figure 3 - Selecting Cells to Copy

Finally when you transfer to Excel, the final outcome looks like figure 4.  You can also use this transfer method to copy to FrontPage, Word and other aware programs.

Figure 4 - Pasting selection into Excel

If you need to send the results of a query to an associate, click on Menu

File    Send 

and choose Excel as the export option.  This will send the query/table by email looking the same as figure 4.  You can even choose Selection and only send the cells that you have selected by email.


These tips were provided to you by Garry Robinson - Software Consultant based in Sydney, Australia. Try out our popular Access shareware Graf-FX   http://www.vb123.com/graf/

Published  1999-

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