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Can a vb123 Professional help you with your database?  

Database Owners

If you need a new Access database, are having trouble with an existing database, upgrading to Access 2007 or need help with the tricky things like VBA or upgrading to SQL Server, consider using a vb123 Professional to undertake your work. Call or  email us

A vb123 Professional is a person who has worked on Access databases for many years and even more importantly has dealt with a variety of customers. In fact when vb123 Professionals are not working on our projects, they are generally working on Access database projects for other companies.

Matching Requirements to People

What we aim to do is to find someone that will achieve your goals. This in part involves finding someone local but more importantly it involves getting a person with the right skills. We believe we can do this better than agencies or online recruitment websites because we understand the business of Access databases and we have good Professionals ready to start your work soon.

Have a look at the projects that we have worked on.

How do we work together?

Working on an Access project is easy as long as only one person is working on the development and the key users do not make changes to the software. Unfortunately not all projects go like this as some projects need the skills of different developers or users may need to make changes to the databases. To manage this, we use Access Web Apps in SharePoint system to log our Tasks and Times. See videos in All Articles on LHS.


Can you can walk into a client's office, talk specifications, build good data models, sort out messy Access applications and keep the users happy?
If this is you,  Call Us 

    Note: This is not full time work and may only amount to a project or two a year.




Just Need Help

If you are a developer and you need the guidance of the experienced developer or you need a developer to help you out so you can enjoy your holidays or focus on your business for a while, Contact Form.