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The vb123 FMS Resellers Page

This page will describe and allow you to download and purchase the popular FMS Microsoft Access and related software products. If you read the Deals box, you will realise that it is worthwhile using us to purchase these products. If you are wondering who vb123 is, its the invention of Garry Robinson, a long time author of Microsoft Access newsletters and related articles and a book author. We have been selling software on the net now for ten years.

Total Visual CodeTools  - $299

Over the years I have used the FMS Code Tools to improve the quality of my VBA and VB code. One cool thing about this tool is that it works in all all versions of Access"  Garry Robinson - Editor

  • Clean up code
  • Add consistent error handling
  • Long Text/SQL Text Builder which converts queries to code
  • Build recordset code in either DAO or ADO
  • Find unused variables and constants etc
  • Deliver code that is more difficult to decipher

 Read more on the product at FMS    Download the trial version

You can purchase this product from SWReg (the Digital River store)

Or Purchase FMS Total Access Analyzer

Purchase FMS Total Access Analyzer

Read the review in our own Smart Access

Read more about Total Access Analyser Articles
Remove unused objects using TAA

Purchase FMS Total Access Detective

Read more about Total Access Detective

Purchase FMS Total Total Access Speller

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online. Read the Smart Access review about Total Access Speller
and choose Toolbox (free) or Workbench ($100 off)

Purchase FMS Total Visual Agent

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online.        You can also purchase this product from SWReg (the Digital River store) and choose Toolbox (free) or Workbench ($100 off)

Note:  Read about creating a backup recovery plan for Access

Purchase FMS Total Access Emailer (Includes Free Toolbox)

Read more about Total Access Emailer     

   Read about setting up a Free SMTP account (good for 500 emails a day)

Note:  The FMS Emailer product requires that you use SMTP.  This is not available on Vista. This product is a specialist email product designed for persons sending lots of emails from Access databases in lots of different configurations.   Garry.  I had problems with it because of my email host     

Comments by Garry

"FMS Products have been around as long as I have been seriously programming Microsoft Access solutions. Their products are always well put together and come backed with the support that you would expect from a good software company."  Garry Robinson - Editor All orders are reviewed by our customer service staff. Our office hours are 9 AM-5 PM EST and orders are usually processed throughout the day. However, due to unforeseen circumstances and for orders after hours, we suggest that you allow one business day for ESD delivery.

What Happens After Your Secure Paypal or SwReg Order?

We send out your bonus vb123 software/knowledge base and contact FMS.

FMS will send your download instructions by email with a link, download ID, password, and serial number. Simply follow the link and you can download the software immediately. Make sure the domain is classified as a safe sender in your Junk Mail and SPAM filters. If not, check the junk folder because software  download instructions can be classified as junk.


The Deal Box

If you purchase a FMS product from us by using this page, you will receive a FREE copy of The Toolbox or a really cheap version of the The Workbench

Delivery Box

After you purchase, we will inform FMS who will deliver the software electronically. This will happen before the end of next business day.

If you have problems with your order, contact Garry at GR-FX.