Jan 04
Garry's Blog and Newsletter is Here

​In 2015 Micrsosoft announced that they would be phasing out public facing websites in Office 365 sharepoint. So there will be no more posts here.

The good NEWS is that I continue to publish and produce a popular newsletter using 

Oct 29
Append Auto Number Fields to a SQL Server database

​If you want to move Autonumbers from one SQL database to another, you need to use the Set Identity command like in this sample

SET IDENTITY_INSERT [garrytest].[dbo].[LocationType] on

INSERT INTO [garrytest].[dbo].[LocationType] ( locationTypeID, companyID, name, statusID ) SELECT locationTypeID, companyID, name, statusID FROM [ST2Live].[dbo].[LocationType];

SET IDENTITY_INSERT [garrytest].[dbo].[LocationType] off

I first found this out from this page 

Oct 25
Change Colors on a Web Control

​To change colors of a control in a Web Page, you seem to need to use Hexidecimal Color codes . See the picture of the web macro below and look for ForeColor

webpage colors.png 

Oct 10
Unblock a File

​When you get a file from the internet, it can be blocked. This will make the file have a variety of warnings when you open it. To unblock a file, right click on it, choose Properties and Unblock as in this picture.



Sep 24
October 2014 Office 365 Plans


In October the Office 365 plans will change names and structure and allow a lot more users. If you want to use Access web Apps, you need a plan with Sites - Team Collaboration/ SharePoint.  This means that you will need as a minimum Business Essentials as per my previous advice. ​

Sep 15
Apple a decade behind Japan mobile payment curve

Apple's proud announcement that its new iPhone could be used to buy goods in a single swipe left customers non-plussed in Japan, where mobile contactless payments have been normal fare for a decade.

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Sep 09
Access Web Apps - Cough up 50$ and get on with it

Ok, I know I have been banging on about Access Web Apps and I really haven't told you how to get started. In Office 365 there is currently the offer of a 10 users free trial of Small Business Premium. Here is my tip, don't bother with the free trial, go with a one user licence of Small Business and cough up the 5-6$ a month for a year.


  1. Its going to take more than a month before you really get a hang of it unless you are a 24/7 sort of person.
  2. If you get the Small Business Premium 10 user licence, you probably will need to contact a technician to turn it back into a Small Business licence.
  3. There is a chance when switching between the Small Business products that you will lose the SharePoint sub-domain name that you started with and the data that went with it. I nearly did because of my procrastination :(
  1. I did quite a bit of work with adding domain names and setting up Public Facing SharePoint sites. As some of this was hard to get right, I had to call both the technicians at Telstra T-Suite Australia and Microsoft. Both organisations provided fantastic support.
  2. I found it really useful to use a second domain name whilst setting up the website. SharePoint allows you to switch between domains whilst you are working on your public website.
Garry Robinson
Sep 03
Win Copies of Professional Access 2013 Programming

Well I have 3 copies of Professional Access 2013 Programming to win and your challenge is to connect from your web place to 5 articles that you like at the new

To be in the running, in Twitter or Facebook or Linked-In or Blogger or a good old fashioned website, add your 5 favourite articles at and add a little description on those articles.  Then ping me with Facebook or Twitter or Linked-In.  Upto 3 people will win, those that don't will be in the draw with those that didn't win in July for yet more copies of Teresa, Ben, George and Dagi's book. No correspondence entered into. Don't enter unless you intend keeping the links.


Examples of links to articles at

The Trouble with Normal by Peter Vogel
Queries Queries by John Veiscas
or maybe even my very first article

Exploring Data Visually with MS Access


Idea: Go for a theme using the great SharePoint search tool at

Happy Linking
Garry Robinson

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Apr 29
Welcome to my blog!

This is where I'll be sharing my programming tips and articles. I have been doing this for years at and becuause Google is the king of search, I will still post things over at blogger as well.