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Next Tip   Zip A File

Here I will show you a simple way to add a file to a zip file using Access VBA and WinZIp

Call ZipFile_FX("c:\a.zip", "c:\a.xls")

Private Sub ZipFile_FX(ZipFileName As String, fileToBeZipped As String)

  Const ZIPEXELOCATION = "c:\program files\winzip\winzip32.exe"

  Shell ZIPEXELOCATION & " -a " & Chr(34) & ZipFileName & Chr(34) & _
" " & Chr(34) &   fileToBeZipped & Chr(34), vbNormalFocus

End Sub

Command line parameters for WinZip
Winzip is one of the most popular programs on the planet and if you want to automate it, they recommend upgrading to Winzip Pro and installing the free command line utility. If you want to try command line parameters without upgrading to Winzip pro, try the commands on this page using Windows Start then the Run text box.   Read more here

Author Bio.

Garry Robinson has been involved in over a 100 Access projects, edits his companies web site at  http://www.vb123.com/  and is a contributing editor to the Smart Access magazine.  When Garry is not sitting at a keyboard, he can be found playing golf or swimming down at his local Sydney beach.   Contact details  www.gr-fx.com

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How to Zip using Windows Library

PolarZip is easy to write code for as long as you can handle DLL installs

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