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123  - A simple interface to manage Microsoft Office files   
Reduce your Desktop shortcut clutter, save files to zip very easily, jump to the containing folders, compact Access database.


   Download 123 for Microsoft Office here

"When installing 123, open this page in Internet Explorer if you can as the software is written with Microsoft Studio"
Garry Robinson - Microsoft Office MVP from 2006 till now.

Before install on Windows 8, see these notes


Version History

1.4.27 Added decompile database option

1.4.23 Hyperlink open of file to reduce clutter, easier backup setup

1.4.20  Added a backup folder and sub folders option to Save As

1.3.18 Database compacting is scheduled every 10 minutes until everyone leaves the database.

1.2. Made the File interface into a grid, removing the popup windows, reduced many of the Access speciality options to create a simpler interface.

1.0.18 Introduced support for Word and Excel Files

123 was formerly called
The Access Workbench